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"La smoke… cache… la merde…"
— Les Amours Imaginaires
The Exterminating Angel! Incunabula reference in a film! Lucia: They'll go soon. Then you can slip up to my room.
Aranda: What about your husband?
Lucia: If he finds you, I'll say I wanted to show you my Incunabula.

I’m reorganizing my records tonight.

It’s something I do in times of emotional distress. When Laura was here I had them in alphabetical order, before that, chronologically. Tonight, though, I’m trying to put them in the order in which I bought them. That way I can write my own autobiography without picking up a pen. Pull them all off the shelves, look for Revolver and go from there. I’ll be able to see how I got from Deep Purple to The Soft Boys in twenty-five moves. What I really like about my new system is that it makes me more complicated than I am. To find anything you have to be me, or at the very least a doctor in Rob-ology. If you wanna find Landslide by Fleetwood Mac you have to know that I bought it for someone in the fall of 1983 and then didn’t give it to them for personal reasons.

But you don’t know any of that, do you?

— High Fidelity

Jack Nicholson with director Roman Polanski on the set of their 1974 movie Chinatown
I think this might be one of the greatest films of all time… Incredible…
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